Cordless Cleaner VC-NX1AC

Designer : Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation (Japan)



Without a cord and a plug, the VC-NX1/VC-NXS1 cordless canister vacuum cleaners ease cleaning. As major parts are at the center of the main unit, VC-NX1/VCNXS1 has a short turning radius, and smoothly climbs over steps and weaves around furniture and corners. Due to a vertically symmetrical shape, it can run upside down, relieving users from stressful situations in which the main unit is overturned by an obstacle. A strong suction of a new motor and an operating time of up to 45 minutes are enough to clean the entire house. The upper model with a dust station eases cup/filter maintenance.





Toshiba, Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer and second-largest integrated electrical machinery manufacturer, is part of the Mitsui keiretsu. Tanaka Engineering Works, one of the forerunners of Toshiba, was initiated in 1875 and renamed Shibaura Engineering Works in 1893. Tokyo Electric Company and Shibaura Engineering Works merged in 1939 to form Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. It was soon nicknamed Toshiba, and the company was officially renamed Toshiba Corporation in 1984. Toshiba’s business includes digital products, electronic components, social infrastructure and home appliances. Since the 1980s, Toshiba has changed from a company focusing on household appliances and heavy electrical machinery to a comprehensive electronics and electric appliances company that includes communications and electronics. Since the 1990s, Toshiba has made rapid progress in digital technology, mobile communication technology and network technology, and has successfully transformed from a giant in the home appliance industry to a pioneer in the IT industry.

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